"Spirit of VLN" is an iRacing endurance series and wants to bring the spirit of the real VLN-races to all iRacing members. A season in the real VLN-series consists of 10 races, all races are taking place on the legendary Nürburgring-Nordschleife - and a lot of different touring car classes participate in one big grid together (up to 200 cars or even more).

In iRacing we want to create the very special spirit of this series by using as much different touring car classes as possible (at the moment five classes). In the end of 2015 iRacing released finally the Nordschleife so Season 2016 will be raced on "the green hell": after a long season with 10 races the real champion of the hell will be crowned. The standard race length is four hours (for details see schedule and rules

If you are interested in participation please read the rules, then visit the iRacing-memberforum (private league and hosted racing - Spirit of VLN) to follow the instructions for registration.

Hope to see you on track - and keep racing!


iRacing is a massively multiplayer online racing simulation with about 50.000 members (in Nov. 2014). It features road-racing and oval-racing with lascescanned tracks and cars and a realistic physics engine.


The real life series this simracing-series was modeled on is the german VLN: a motorsports association which organizes touring cars endurance races on the Nordschleife.


RaceSpot.tv Logo small RaceSpot TV was founded in late 2013 and quickly become recognized as one of the world’s premier Sim Racing broadcasters. Thanks to donations and sponsors all races of season 2 will be streamed live on Racespot.tv with english commentators.

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This virtual racing series is powered by Simrace-Drivers.com, a german simracing-community founded in 2010.